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The Self-Care Trailblazer Group (SCTG) is a global coalition of partners dedicated to advancing the evidence, practice, learning and policy landscape of self-care for sexual and reproductive health and rights. In 2020-2021, the SCTG will support the adoption and implementation of the World Health Organization (WHO) Consolidated Guideline for Self-Care Interventions for Health as well as support the wider community in advancing self-care at the global, regional, national and local levels.   


Discover what's happening with self-care for sexual and reproductive health and rights

Self-Care at AIDS2020

Self-care is how individuals protect their own health, prevent disease,

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Engaging Communities in Self-Care for Covid-19 Response: What will it take?

This post originally appeared on White Ribbon Alliance’s website.  By

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This post was originally featured on VSO International’s blog. Volunteer

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Choice in Her Hands: Enabling Safe Self-Care during COVID-19

  There is a lot we know, and yet still

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Summary from the World Health Assembly

The 73rd session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) was

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self-care HIVST in South Africa

Self-Testing and Self-Care: Breakthroughs for COVID, but Already Being Put to Good Use in the Global South

This post was originally featured on PSI’s blog.  by Karl

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What is

WHO defines self-care as “the ability for individuals, families and communities to promote, maintain health, prevent disease and cope with illness with or without the support of a healthcare provider.” Self-care allows people to become agents of their own health, leading to improved outcomes, especially in the area of sexual and reproductive health where stigma may prevent them from seeking care.

Self-care is an integral part of the health system, linking to primary care and healthcare services.


Dive into these resources to learn more about self-care for sexual and reproductive health and rights

Pharmacy interventions prototype and recommendations

Download Resource This document provides the research insights developed by Dahlberg Design for Kenyan social marketing of Sayana Press through pharmacies. The study consisted of

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Journey to DMPA-SC in the Sahel

Download Resource This study took place between August and October 2017 within 5 study sites in Niger, Senegal, and Burkina Faso. The study was focused

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Medical abortion Infographic

Download Resource This infographic, developed by MSI and Ipas, summarises evidence from a systematic review of pharmacy provision of MA. It highlights the steps on

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Drug Seller Provision Practices and Knowledge of Misoprostol in Bangladesh

Download Resource This study was undertaken among 700 Bangladeshi drug sellers (including regulated pharmacists and unregulated drug sellers) to understand their knowledge of Misoprostal and

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Lessons learned about the introduction of Sayana Press in Madagascar

Download Resource This study details the impact of the introduction of Sayana Press in Madagascar a CIFF funded project, which began in 2015. Within the

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STEP UP: Using evidence to improve quality of pharmacy-delivered medical abortion

Download Resource This case study describes how evidence generated by the STEP UP consortium about medical abortion self-management has informed practice at Marie Stopes International.

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