Choice in Her Hands: Enabling Safe Self-Care during COVID-19


There is a lot we know, and yet still a lot to be done to advance self-care.

Self-care is more than just a series of specific interventions – it is an approach to healthcare that spans all aspects of healthcare. Therefore, as with advancing primary care, there is much still to do.  

In the webinar, Choice in Her Hands: Enabling Safe Self-Care during COVID-19, held on 19 May 2020, representatives from Marie Stopes International, FP2020 and PSI spoke on what more is needed to build a movement advancing self-care.

Speakers Included:

  • Dr Helen Blackholly, VP & Director of Technical Services at Marie Stopes International
  • Dilly Severin, Senior Director of Global Initiatives at FP2020 
  • Dr Chijioke Kaduruof Corona Management System, FP2020 grantee
  • Raveena Chowdhury, Head of Integrated Service Delivery at Marie Stopes International 
  • Sandy Garcon, Senior Manager of Advocacy, Communications and External Affairs at Population Services International was set to speak but faced technical difficulties.

Check out what you missed from this engaging webinar and watch as the speakers explore the challenges facing women under COVID-19 and the role self-care can play in getting reproductive healthcare into the hands of women, girls and other vulnerable populations.  This webinar was part of MSI’s spotlight series, aiming to bring together voices from across the SRHR sector to explore key topics we are facing. Learn more about the spotlight series here.

The full webinar can be watched here and the slide deck can be downloaded here