Drug Seller Provision Practices and Knowledge of Misoprostol in Bangladesh

This study was undertaken among 700 Bangladeshi drug sellers (including regulated pharmacists and unregulated drug sellers) to understand their knowledge of Misoprostal and provision practices. Conducted prior to the scale-up of combi-pack in Bangladesh, the results help us to understand how Misoprostal may be provided in legally restricted settings, where off-label use of Misoprostal is common. Almost all (97%) of the drug sellers reported providing medications intended for menstrual regulation; misoprostol-only was more commonly sold than the combination regimen (96% vs. 26%). Overall, only 19% of drug sellers knew the correct misoprostol-only MR regimen, and 74% wanted more information about this regimen. Correct regimen knowledge was positively associated with receipt of NGO training and call center utilization. NGO–led training and call centers should be considered in other settings in which misoprostol alone is provided off-label for pregnancy termination.