Pharmacy interventions prototype and recommendations

This document provides the research insights developed by Dahlberg Design for Kenyan social marketing of Sayana Press through pharmacies. The study consisted of 30 interviews, this included; 14 pharmacy owners, 3 private facility providers, 1 distributor, and 10 clients (4 men, 6 women). The study was designed to identify a prototype model for effective uptake of Sayana press through private pharmacy providers. The key takeaways from the study were; there were strong concerns about client’s ability to self-inject from both clients and providers, there is an issue of trust – some clients would only want to use a pharmacy for buying a product if they were referred by a health facility, a low-priced product is essential as DMPA-IM can be provided for free, and some clients felt that pharmacy providers do not always provide sufficient product counselling and support. Based on these and other recommendations, MSI decided to develop a plan to train providers in Sayana press provision and counselling and also create a brand around providing additional support and counselling services for access to self-care products in an effort to increase the level of support from the pharmacy provider and increase trust from the client. MSI began rolling out this approach in February 2020.