Self-Care Messaging Platform

This messaging framework is designed to help advocates, resource mobilizers, and communications professionals make the case to influencers, policymakers, and leaders to prioritize self-care, as an essential approach to increasing access to healthcare and to achieve universal health coverage (UHC).

The framework provides tailored messages for national decision makers, ministries of health, global influencers, healthcare providers, community and grassroots leaders, youth, women’s groups and feminist organizations, and private sector, and philanthropic donors. The messages can be used with, or adapted for all key audiences. The messaging framework provides high-level messages followed by proof points. 

The language in the framework can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the user. You can choose the messages and proof points that are best for your particular needs. The messages and proof points can be incorporated into social media messages, opeds, blogs, fact sheets, newsletters, speeches, policy papers, press releases, and/or donor materials.

This framework is a living document that will be updated to reflect changes in self-care evidence and data as well as and feedback on how effective the messages are in communicating the importance of self-care.

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