Somali Health and Nutrition (SAHAN) Demand Creation Programme

PSI Som supports the Somali Ministries of Health to implement SAHAN in partnership with Health Poverty Action, Trocaire, Mercy USA and Action Against Hunger. SAHAN is a component of DFID’s Somali Health and Nutrition Programme. The program identifies and builds a body of evidence for demand creation interventions that demonstrate the increased use of reproductive, nutrition, child, and maternal health services and promote healthy behavior change. It uses an adaptive, evidence-based and participatory approach to better understand persistent barriers to better health and test innovations to improve demand creation. Using the socio-ecological model as a framework, barriers are understood to exist at and interplay between the individual, interpersonal, community, organizational and policy levels. Fundamentally, SAHAN re-envisions how “demand creation” is done using cutting-edge methods. PSI Som and its partners are implementing this program in Awdal, Sahil, Togdheer, Galmadug, Banadir and Gedo regions.

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