Being Tactical from the Start: Analyzing Use and Need Helps See Potential for Scale and Equity


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PSI applies diverse marketing approaches to increase use of modern contraception. Interventions address market constraints and might include product subsidies, service delivery, community outreach, branding, provider training, or advocacy for policy change. To estimate potential for scale and identify gaps in equity, PSI analyzes current market use and need.

FP2020 challenges countries to reduce unmet need.Yet, many countries haven’t estimated numbers of women with unmet need in their population. PSI worked with USAID and Ghana Health Services to quantify and analyze unmet need to make it easier to prioritize groups of women with low use despite need. Here, we repeat the analysis with recent DHS data from four countries to show potential for scale and equity. These countries were selected because they had recent DHS surveys and diverse use and need landscapes, which speak to scale and equity. The results help marketers focus their attention on specific market constraints that affect women with unmet need.