Consistent Condom Use Among Sex Workers in Nigeria

Objectives: This study examines factors influencing consistent condom use among sex workers in Nigeria. Such information can help improve the design of intervention campaigns to reduce the spread of HIV among high-risk groups and the general population.

Methods: We used a nationally representative sample of 2,578 sex workers collected in 1998. This study uses logistic regression to predict the effect of exposure to advertising for “Gold Circle” and “Cool” brand condoms (two popular social marketed brands), knowledge of HIV transmission, number of regular partners, self-efficacy, risk perception, and demographic variables on consistency of condom use.

Conclusions: Program interventions that use multiple communication media to increase condom brand awareness, to provide information about the modes of HIV transmission and its consequences, and to increase self-efficacy can help improve consistency of condom use among Nigerian sex workers. This may reduce the likelihood of HIV transmission to other populations.