Fever Case Management Provider Training Manual


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In malaria endemic countries, approximately 40% of the population seek care and treatment for febrile illnesses in the private sector. Successful malaria control, therefore, greatly depends on effective diagnosis and treatment within private sector outlets.

Private sector providers, including physicians, pharmacists and drug sellers, must be trained on the administration of malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests (mRDTs) and Fever Case Management (FCM). More specifically, such providers should be taught how to recognize danger signs, how to diagnose malaria using mRDTs, how to treat uncomplicated malaria by administering quality assured artemisinin-based combination therapies (QAACTs) and which cases to refer. This training manual developed for Kenya focuses on increasing providers’ knowledge, skills and change of attitude towards effective management of malaria.

Contents include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of uncomplicated malaria,
  • Parasitological diagnosis,
  • Basic techniques in managing malaria commodities
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

This Fever Case Management (FCM) Provider Training Manual is part of a larger Quality Assurance Manual and Toolkit developed through the UNITAID Private Sector RDT project to provide guidance on quality assurance for FCM in the private sector. While this manual was originally geared towards Kenya, it was designed to be adapted for other country contexts.