Finding HIV-Positive Children and Adolescents, and Improving Effective Referrals


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The study takes a targeted community-based approach of tracking index family members at risk of HIV in Lesotho. The households of 992 index patients were visited, and 2,604 family members were tested. Among  those  tested, 71.1%  were  children  (2-14 years)  and 8.8%  were adolescents  (15-19 years). The  intervention  led  to a  2%  yield  of  HIV-positive  children  and  adolescents  (2% among  children  and  3%  in  adolescents),  comparable  with  the  national  figure  of  2.4%. Results indicate that the index tracking model can be a viable method for reaching children who are HIV-positive. Referral uptake is high and will contribute towards high ART coverage among children and adolescents.