HIV Testing as a Critical Entry Point to a Range of Services: Results From New Start Sites in Four Sub-Districts in South Africa


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The Society for Family Health (SFH) franchise network New Start provides mobile and homebased HIV testing services (HBCT) to the general population and facilitates referral and linkage of both HIV negative and positive clients into care, treatment and medical male circumcision (MMC) services. 125,531 New Start HTS client referral records from October 2014 to April 2016 from four sub districts were analyzed to determine rates of completed referrals. Overall, 5 % (5793/ 125531) of all HTS clients were diagnosed HIV-positive with 62% (3589) of these being female. Of the positives, 87% (5054) accepted referrals for treatment and care services and 59% (2971) of the acceptors completed referrals. Overall these findings show acceptance for referral to ART clinics among HIV-positive HTS clients is high but referral completion rates remain low.