Developing an Approach to Tracking and Adaptation


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Note: This guide assumes that you have finalized your Theory of Change (ToC) and Logframe, and created a workplan and budget for implementation.

Programs should be monitored comprehensively and evaluated selectively at various points to confirm that the activities defined in the workplan are being carried out successfully, on schedule, and producing the expected results.

To develop a full research, monitoring, evaluation and learning (MERL) plan, convene country M&E team(s) and the regional evidence team (regional researchers and regional monitoring advisors). For many projects, the proposal will already contain a MERL plan that has been
approved by the donor. The regional and country teams can help you incorporate that proposal plan along with the new requirements that might come up through the design process. Integrating a deliberate approach to tracking and adaptation allow you to learn from the data and respond appropriately in time to account for new obstacles, new findings or new conditions in the field.



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