Mapping Population Sizes and Hotspot Locations for Female Sex Workers Improved Targeting for HIV Prevention Interventions in Ethiopia (TUPEE702)


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HIV prevalence among female sex workers (FSWs) in Ethiopia is approximately 23%. To address risk of HIV in this population, the MULU/MARPs combination HIV prevention project was launched in 2012 across 168 Ethiopian towns/cities. Implementation was challenged by insufficient data on FSW locations and sizes. A rapid size estimation approach was developed to aid program implementation. FSWs were enumerated from 100 cities/towns through interviews with key informant (KI), who included FSWs, venue managers/owners, cashiers, and guards at FSWs workplaces. KIs were asked about the number of FSWs who negotiated sex for money in the last month. The number of venue-based FSWs reported by KIs were summed to estimate population size in a given town.