PERForMance Review: Behavioral Indicators Toolkit


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Improving health among low-income and vulnerable people has long been PSI’s mission. Measuring health impact has been regarded as PSI/Research’s priority. Like the Dashboard and SMRS, the PERForMance Review is one of the approaches that PSI/Research employs to measure health impact of PSI interventions. The PERForMance Review, previously called Box Score, compiles dashboard data from around the world using standard behavioral definitions to summarize the status of each behavior of interest and the effectiveness of the intervention. The PERForMance Review also allows cross-country comparison of behavioral indicators and program impacts.

The purpose of the PERForMance Review: Behavioral Indicators chapter is to introduce standard definitions and approaches for measuring behavioral indicators so that the indicators can be produced in a standard way at country level. Behavioral indicators reported in the review come from four health areas: HIV/AIDS, malaria, family planning, and safe water. Standard definitions of these indicators are drawn from PERFAR, USAID, UNAIDS, and other sources. Indicators, their definitions, and required variables are detailed below first by health area. Then, how-to-steps are summarized for one-round and two-round data. Thirdly, example syntax of creating relevant behavioral variables is presented and explained. Finally, a checklist is attached for quality improvement.