PSI Behavior Change Framework Revision


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This concept paper, written in 2004, proposes a revision and expansion of the PSI Behavior Change
Framework known as “Bubbles.” Because PSI programmers and researchers had extensively used
“Bubbles” and adapted the names of certain bubbles to meet their research needs, the working definitions of behavioral determinants became inconsistent with the behavior change theories from which they were derived. This lack of precision undermined an effort to increase the actionability of “Bubbles” for market segmentation, monitoring, and evaluation.

The revised framework in this concept paper preserves the purpose and intent of the original PSI Behavior Change Framework but has changed, refined, narrowed, and introduced new bubbles; and it categorizes them in terms that increase their actionability. The new definitions are re-aligned with theory, supporting the effort to improve measurement and to expand the use of theory and evidence-based intervention design and decision-making at PSI.