Quantifying the Levels of Violence Towards Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Three Cities of Honduras (WEPED382)


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High rates of drug and gang violence, makes Honduras a violent country. A social context of traditional values, homophobia and machismo create an environment that makes MSM vulnerable. There has been no recent quantification of violence towards them. The Pan American Social Marketing Organization conducted a population-based study to assess the USAID Combination Prevention Program for HIV and quantify the proportion of this population experiencing violence. Between May-August 2017, a respondent driven sampling cross-sectional survey was conducted in three Honduran cities with 1,922 MSM (47% from Tegucigalpa, 31% from San Pedro Sula, 22% from La Ceiba), aged 18-40 years old. Four types of violence were measured (psychological, verbal, physical and sexual), by asking participants if they have felt threatened, insulted, punched of forced to have sex during the last 12 months, and if they perceived it was due to their sexual preference.