Safe Abortion and Post-Abortion Care: 2020 Year in Review


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Achieving full choice, voice and agency over one’s sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and bodily autonomy is a steep challenge for many people across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified this challenge, while exposing the frailties of health systems in delivering equitable and dignified healthcare throughout consumers’ lifetimes.

At PSI, we advance health equity and access by accelerating progress toward universal health coverage. At the heart of this work is our deep commitment to meeting consumers’ full range of SRH needs—including safe and legal abortion, post-abortion care (PAC) and voluntary contraception services and counseling.

In 2020, PSI reached over 1.7 million users with PAC and safe abortion care in 26 countries across the world. We did so by putting more care and control directly into users’ hands—by amplifying access to high-quality products and services, reaching abortion seekers with needed information and support, and building a stronger enabling environment for SRH and rights.

Our latest impact report from 2020, “CHANGING THE LANDSCAPE FOR SAFE ABORTION AND POST-ABORTION CARE,” highlights our achievements and commitment to building a stronger ecosystem that safeguards abortion seekers’ needs and rights.

Read the report to explore:

  • Our efforts to transform safe abortion and PAC product and service delivery with an emphasis on sustainability;
  • Our innovations geared toward reaching consumers with timely and accurate information when and where they need it;
  • Our success in designing program adaptations to ensure continuity of care during the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • Our focus on building strong partnerships from the grassroots to global levels to advance safe abortion access and rights.