Social Marketing and a Total Market Approach: Performance Measures

Abstract: Lack of coordination among social marketing interventions that deliver health products and services creates the possibility of one intervention undermining another. This article proposes and demonstrates a segmentation method and measures for monitoring and evaluating the performance of social marketing interventions that form part of a total market approach to influencing health-related behavior. The proposed segmentation bases and sequence are vulnerability, consumption, equity-based measures, source of supply preference, access and other determinants. The performance measures are effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, equity, efficiency and access. When the method and measures are applied to a social marketing intervention in Madagascar to increase use of hormonal contraceptives, evidence of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and equity is found. Evidence of efficiency and access is weak and points to a need for better data. We recommend exploring the applicability of our method and measures to other issues addressed by social marketing interventions, including HIV prevention and malaria control. Routinely using total market approach measures can help funders and implementers maximize social marketing resources.


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