Streamlining Service Delivery to Expand Access: Innovations in IUD Insertion Technology


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In this meeting, members of the LARC and permanent methods community of practice came together for presentations of two innovations in IUD insertion technology. Through USAID’s Support for International Family Planning Organizations 2 (SIFPO2) project, PSI serves as the current Secretariat of the Community of Practice and hosted this meeting.

The objective of the meeting was to share information about two new IUD insertion technologies:

  • A reusable IUD inserter designed by Bioceptive to make interval IUD insertions simpler, safer, and more intuitive.
  • A postpartum IUD (PPIUD) inserter designed by PSI, Pregna International Ltd., and the Stanford Program for International Reproductive Education (SPIRES) to allow for a standardized, easy-to-learn insertion technique in the immediate postpartum period.

This report highlights key messages delivered by the speakers. Links to the presentations and resource documents are included at the end of the report.