The Impact of Mass Media Campaigns on Intentions to Use the Female Condom in Tanzania

Objective: To determine whether a mass media campaign to promote the use of the female condom had an impact on intentions to use the female condom among men and women of reproductive age in Tanzania.

Methods: We used data on 2712 sexually experienced men and women in Tanzania from an exit survey conducted at outlets that sell the female condom. Respondents were asked about their exposure to mass media campaigns, peer education, and a medical provider’s explanation of the female condom. They were also asked about their intention to use female condoms in the future.

Results: A relatively small proportion of respondents were reached by a peer educator or by a provider; in contrast, about 38% of respondents were exposed to mass media campaigns promoting the female condom. For both men and women, mass media significantly increased the likelihood that a man or a woman would discuss use of the female condom with a partner. In turn, discussion of the female condom with a partner strongly influenced the intention to use the female condom in the future. Although the reach of peer educators and providers was relatively low, the impact of these components of the intervention on an individual’s intentions to use the female condom was stronger than the impact of mass media.