The Impact on Condom Use of the “100% Jeune” Social Marketing Program in Cameroon

Objectives: To measure the reach of the “100% Jeune” social marketing campaign and to assess its impact on condom use and on the predictors of condom use. The campaign aims to improve condom use through intensive youth-oriented mass media and interpersonal communications and widespread distribution of subsidized condoms.

Data and Methods: We analyze data from the 2000 and 2002 waves of a reproductive health survey of youth aged 15-24, with a sample size of 2,097 and 3,536 respectively.

Results: Exposure to campaign activities (radio spots, call-in show, and drama; TV spots; youth magazine; peer education sessions; and youth-friendly condom vendors) was high. During the course of the intervention, there were significant changes in perceived condom attributes and access, self-efficacy, and perceived social support. Consistent with these changes in key predictors of behavior change, the percentage of youth who used a condom in their last sex act with their regular partner increased significantly for both males and females. Additional analyses suggest that exposure to the “100% Jeune” campaign has contributed to these trends.