Project Director, COVID-19 Rapid Response Support Team


Dr. Heather White brings over 15 years of global public health experience to PSI, where she currently works as a senior technical advisor for non-communicable diseases. In this role, she supports PSI field teams to develop, implement and evaluate programs focusing on control and prevention of cervical cancer, hypertension, and diabetes. She also represents PSI externally as an advocate to increase visibility for NCDs among civil society, corporate, and government partners.

Prior to joining PSI, Heather served in various academic and administrative roles at University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB). Heather served as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Burkina Faso, West Africa, after receiving her Master of Public Health in international health and epidemiology from UAB in 2001. She received her doctorate of public health from UAB in 2011. Her dissertation focused on the uptake of cervical cancer screening Zambian women. She is also fluent in French.


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