The Atlantic Philanthropies

In 2000, Peter Smitham decided to “go plural” and include strategic philanthropy, social impact investing and emerging market private equity to his developed market private equity career with Permira. Since then he has served on the boards of Marie Stopes, New Philanthropy Capital and, for 17 years, The Atlantic Philanthropies (AP), the last 9 of which as chairman. AP is a multibillion-dollar organization with a limited life spend down philosophy created and funded by Chuck Feeney. AP closed in 2020. Peter and his family also have a foundation focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged adolescent girls in India.

In 2002 Peter was asked to help the British Government privatize the equity investing arm of CDC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Department for International Development. Peter was chairman of the new organization, Actis, for 12 years until 2014. Actis now raises private capital with a focus on Africa, India, China and South America and is fully owned by the employees.

Peter was a founder of Permira (formerly Schroder Ventures), a global private equity firm where he fulfilled different roles for 30 years until 2015, including managing partner and chairman. Previously he had worked in the electronics industry, including a successful start-up in the 1970s. He still maintains his links with technology and is currently a director of NXP, a global semiconductor company, where he has been involved since 2007.


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Roe Response: All Hope is Not Lost

The effects of restricting or banning abortions in many U.S. states are dire – but as the Global South’s experience underscores: all hope is not lost.  

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion AND Belonging – PSI’s Report Card

After two years, we remain committed to our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI/B) commitment.

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It’s further than we thought…

In order to improve women’s access to family planning, it is essential that we understand their decision-making and experience when accessing services and products.

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Integrating Private Providers Into Malaria Elimination Efforts

Vietnam and other countries in the GMS region have set a goal to eliminate malaria by 2030. While possible, it will take commitment, coordination, and creativity to make this a reality. Throughout its implementation, the GEMS+ program has strengthened commitments from national governments, achieved coordination between the public and private sectors and introduced creativity through innovations in digitization.

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What If Investments Were Also Evaluated on their Ability to Learn and Adapt?

How many project results frameworks have metrics measuring a project’s ability to learn and adapt? Very few, suggested A360 Project Director. Here’s how to change that.

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Meta Health Summit: Digital Engagement for Health Impact

Drawing from PSI’s partnership with Meta to launch audience-tailored campaigns, Martin Dale shares the secret (digital) sauce to motivating people to wear masks and choose COVID-19 vaccines.

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