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Using deep consumer insights from users and healthcare providers, DISC is fostering local innovation and local capacity to increase voluntary uptake and continuation of self-injectable contraceptives. Early adopters (consumers most likely to initiate use) in Nigeria and Uganda are the key first foothold into the larger market.

Our goal is to help build the right environment so that a woman can confidently walk into her neighborhood pharmacy or clinic, or use her phone, to access high-quality products and information that meet her needs for self-care, including self-injectable contraception.

Improving her journey toward

We work in partnership with women and local health systems to:

We focus on supporting women throughout their entire self-injection journey with the information, resources and training she needs to sustain self-injection and share her experience in a safe space. By doing so, we will also help advance understanding of how health systems can best support women to succeed in self-managed care.
By creating new channels through which women can access information and services, we are increasing access, choice and convenience for women and supporting local health system actors to effectively leverage the unique contributions of both the public and private sectors.
Together with local partners, we will create mechanisms that support women to make their voices heard, giving feedback on their experiences and, in doing so, supporting health systems actors to ensure accountability to the women they serve.


We marry a relentless focus on consumers and social behavior change with market development, in line with PSI’s Keystone design framework. We focus on women at all times, while recognizing that they are part of a wider social and health system landscape that requires holistic thinking and complex interventions. Our approach helps us to uncover consumer and market insights and decide where we (and others) can most effectively intervene. This allows us to design user-centered interventions and sustainably deliver measurable effects—both for women, and the health systems upon which they rely.

Our Presence in
Uganda and Nigeria

Starting with an initial focus on Nigeria and Uganda, we will work in close partnership with key health system actors in Nigeria and Uganda to demonstrate that it’s possible to establish vibrant and self-sustaining markets for self-injection that can be adapted for, and applied in, additional geographies.

OUR Impact