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At PSI, we have an ambitious vision for digital health: to harvest innovations in digital technology that accelerate and transform the sustainable delivery of accessible, consumer-powered healthcare.

We focus on three areas for the delivery of personalized healthcare to our clients:

  • Digital consumer engagement for on-demand access to health information and self-care
  • Digital support for decision-making so that health workers and pharmacies can provide high quality care
  • PSI-wide digital skill building in data science, digital marketing and system interoperability

As a digitally transformed and agile organization, PSI has the capacity to rapidly shift business and engagement strategies in response to real-time consumer insights. With this digital health technology infrastructure and capacity in place, together with significant existing organizational investments in capacity for management information systems like DHIS2 (an open-source, web-based health information management platform), electronic medical records systems and core interoperability services, PSI will reach and link five million clients to health products and services using consumer-facing digital technology by 2023.

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Partnering to Expand Public Health Emergency Operations Centers

by Pooja Magadi, EOC Associate, PSI Laos As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds, public health emergency operations centers

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From Strong Malaria Surveillance to a Strengthened PHEOC

By Kemi Tesfazghi, GEMS Program Director and Bram Piot, Senior Surveillance & Monitoring Officer, PSI Once established, a Public Health Emergency Operations Center (or PHEOC)

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Forecasting the Next Outbreak: Making PHEOCs More Efficient Using Predictive Analytics

Imagine a small, primary care medical clinic near the border between two developing countries. A young woman, our archetypal client, Sara, has just arrived, complaining

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Adaptation. Sustainability. eLearning.

By Cristina Lussiana, Senior Program Manager, Digital Health & Monitoring and Janet Patry, Training Facilitator, PSI In a world of social distancing, ensuring training and

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Digital Tools for Better Health Outcomes

By Isaiah Nyabuto, DHIS2 Consultant, PSI/Kenya and Judy Mwangi, A360 Evidence Advisor, PSI We confront operational constraints when we lack efficient data monitoring tools. As

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Empowering India’s Frontline Health Workers with COVID-19 Prevention Messages

The piece below originally appeared on The Challenge Initiative for Healthy Cities’ blog. TCIHC is led by the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population

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The Three Pillars of our Work in
Digital Health


We invest in digital tools for our consumers.

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We invest in digital tools for the health workforce.

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We invest in digital tools for our organizational capacity.

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Since the launch of our consumer-facing digital health initiative in 2018, we have:

Reached over

1 million

Clients with digital health services

Reached over


clients with contraceptive services through our digital health interventions

Introduced digital health initiatives in



Our Approaches to Digital Health

PSI supports a range of digital health technologies that help reimagine healthcare worldwide, putting our consumers at the center of the solution, and, whenever possible, bringing care to their hands.

EMRs enable clinics to gather, save and retrieve patient health information. EMRs also make it possible to send data electronically to PSI and directly to DHSI2, PSI’s management information system, relieving clinics and clinic staff from paper forms.

HNQIS is an open-source android App developed by PSI to assess, improve and monitor health workers’ skills when delivering health services. HNQIS is used by quality assurance officers in public and private clinics and across various health services including contraception, HIV and malaria. With HNQIS, clinicians benefit from tailored support by identifying areas of improvement while providing care. 

DHIS2 is an open-source management information system that PSI uses to collect, manage and visualize data across a single platform. PSI invests in DHIS2 to increase data informed decision-making. It is used in more than 40 countries across PSI’s network and crosses health areas, including malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and reproductive health.

How we

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Featured Projects

Self-Care Trailblazers Group

Donor: Children’s Investment Fund Foundation; The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

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Jovenes 3.0: Innovative Approaches to Reducing Unmet Need for Family Planning in Latin America and the Caribbean

Donor: Anonymous

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Digital Health Initiatives in Mozambique

Donor: USAID

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Martin Dale

Director, Digital Health & Monitoring PSI Global

Daniel Messer

Vice President, Technology Integration and Chief Information Officer PSI Global

Rodrigo Gramajo

Deputy Director, Digital Health and Monitoring PSI

Cristina Lussiana

Senior Program Manager, Digital Health and Monitoring PSI

Chris Purdy

Deputy Director, Digital Health and Monitoring PSI