Her Choice,
On Demand.

When we invest in on-demand, women-controlled contraception, we’re investing in being #ReadyWhenSheIs. Learn with us.

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No woman left behind.

When it comes to contraceptive options, we’re missing the 150 million women and girls living in low- and- middle-income countries who have infrequent sex and still want to be prepared and in control.

These consumers don’t believe that continuous or everyday contraceptive methods fit their lifestyle needs. Without on-demand, women-controlled options, we – from donors to health systems – continue to leave these women behind.

To truly serve all women and girls – and to achieve the SDGs – we must continue to disrupt the status quo. When we invest in building a market for on-demand, women-controlled contraceptives, we are investing in being #ReadyWhenSheIs.

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What Women Want: Contraception That’s #ReadyWhenSheIs

By Julia Kenney, Communications Associate, PSI   Over 150 million women

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Infrequent sex is one big reason why women aren’t using contraception

As research shows: among never-married women, infrequent sex ranks as one of the most common reasons for not using contraception. We sat with Gilda Sedgh, a Sexual and Reproductive Health Research Scientist, to explore the evidence – and where we go from here.

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The appeal and potential of on-demand contraceptive options

By Ashley Jackson, Former Deputy Project Director, Expanding Effective Contraceptive

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August 31, 2022

Women with an Unmet Need for Contraception in Developing Countries and Their Reasons for Not Using a Method

August 31, 2022

Consumer insights into repositioning of EC/LNG1.5

October 6, 2022

LNG On-demand market tests in Ghana and Kenya


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