Optimizing HIV testing services in sub-Saharan Africa: cost and performance of verification testing with HIV self-tests and tests for triage

Strategies employing a single rapid diagnostic test (RDT) such as HIV self-testing (HIVST) or “test for triage” (T4T) are proposed to increase HIV testing programme impact. Current guidelines recommend serial testing with two or three RDTs for HIV diagnosis, followed by retesting with the same algorithm to verify HIV-positive status before anti-retroviral therapy (ART) initiation. We investigated whether clients presenting to HIV testing services (HTS) following a single reactive RDT must undergo the diagnostic algorithm twice to diagnose and verify HIV-positive status, or whether a diagnosis with the setting-specific algorithm is adequate for ART initiation.
AUTHORS: Jeffrey W Eaton, Fern Terris-Prestholt, Valentina Cambiano, Anita Sands, Rachel C Baggaley, Karin Hatzold, Elizabeth L Corbett, Thoko Kalua, Andreas Jahn and Cheryl C Johnson

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