Debra at a hair salon in Zimbabwe

Debra Messing

PSI Global Ambassador


Debra Messing is an American actress and Global Health Ambassador for PSI. As an Ambassador, Debra has visited PSI’s HIV prevention programs in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia to bring attention to progress being made against the epidemic.

In 2009 and 2012, Debra traveled with PSI to Zimbabwe and Zambia, respectively, as PSI’s YouthAIDS ambassador, to highlight the countries as one of the few success stories in terms of decline in HIV prevalence and increase in prevention practices in the area. The attention brought by her celebrity and personality allowed PSI to share stories of hope and the good work PSI is doing through multiple media outlets and on donor websites.

While in Zimbabwe and Zambia, Debra visited multiple PSI project sites including testing and counseling centers, male circumcision clinics, a warehouse facility, a support group for HIV positive people, launch of a new oral contraceptive pill, and she also made time to meet with senior staff at the U.K. Department for International Development and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

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