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Sara is our archetypal consumer in the countries where we work. She deserves voice, choice, and agency when meeting her healthcare needs, and those of her family. Sara may be an adolescent, young mother, older woman — or even a Sam. At Population Services International (PSI), our consumer is at the center of everything we do.

We use consumer and market insights to ensure health systems are shaped around Sara’s needs, wants & desires. For 50 years in more than 50 countries we have worked with Sara to design and deliver sustainable, consumer-powered healthcare—and will continue to innovate, inspire, and impact health systems through key partnerships into the future.

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Partner With Us

PSI enters into partnerships to fund, scale, and implement health solutions that are built to last. We work with governments, foundations, corporations, and individuals to build thoughtful, innovative and strategic partnerships committed to helping Sara lead a healthy life and plan for the family she desires.

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