PSI supports contraceptive voice, choice and agency

Since we were founded in 1970, PSI has supported the expansion of #reproductivechoices and contraceptive options that are quality-assured, accessible and responsive to consumer needs. As last week’s Supreme Court draft opinion reminded us, the 1977 landmark Supreme Court Case win—Carey v. Population Services International—set a precedent for contraceptive marketing and distribution across state lines in the United States after our co-founder, the late Phil Harvey, took on New York laws that criminalized the advertisement and display of contraceptives and made it illegal for anyone except licensed pharmacists to distribute contraceptives. 

If enacted, the Supreme Court’s draft decision could jeopardize other rights the courts have grounded in privacy, such as the right to contraception, including decisions like Carey v. PSI.

By putting the wants and needs of women and girls at the center of our work, PSI has opened the door to sexual and reproductive health services for millions, and helped to prevent millions of unplanned pregnancies. We will continue to ground our approach in protecting and promoting the rights of individuals around the world, ensuring that all people have greater voice, choice and agency over their own health, fertility and lives.

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