Maverick Collective

Maverick Collective is a philanthropic and advocacy initiative from PSI to end extreme poverty in our lifetime by investing in girls and women. Our mission is to build a community of strategic philanthropists and informed advocates who use their intellectual and financial resources to create change.

Our Focus

The fastest way to end extreme poverty is by investing in the most promising and innovative solutions for girls and women. When girls and women are healthy, safe, and educated they transform societies and lift their communities and entire nations out of poverty.

Why We Are Different 

We are redefining what it means to be a philanthropist. We know that solving big problems requires more than money: it demands leaders who are willing to listen with empathy to the people they aim to serve, learn fast, and lend their talents and voice to generate impact.

The Experience

Members are fully engaged in the change they are creating. They have the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with experts, enhance their thought-leadership and advocacy on behalf of girls and women, and be involved in the design and implementation of their pilot project.

Join Us

We are looking for the next generation of strategic philanthropists who will partner with us to create the future for girls and women and end extreme poverty in our lifetime. Maverick Collective members invest a minimum of $1 million over three years to pilot an innovative solution for girls and women in the developing world.

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