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At PSI, we believe consumer-powered healthcare results in better health outcomes. In practical terms, this means:

  1. Influencing consumers to take up, sustain and advocate healthy behaviors, and
  2. Promoting functional, sustainable healthcare markets, either by getting directly involved or influencing other players (governments, providers, businesses, communities) to support healthy consumer choice.

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What is the
Keystone Design Framework?

Over the years, PSI has successfully evolved a social marketing approach that is based on key principles that we believe help ensure the successful design and delivery of interventions.

  • Grounded in deep health area expertise;
  • Underpinned by consumer and market insights, informed by behavioral theory;
  • Focused on the vision of a sustainable market;
  • Harnessing commercial marketing principles and practices;
  • Applying a user-centered, creative approach to design;
  • Focused on value for money; and
  • Leading through learning.

To help apply these principles to our work, as well as that of program designers across the field of international development, we created the Keystone Design Framework, a simple yet rigorous approach to help apply marketing discipline to the design and implementation of public health interventions.

To find out if Keystone is right for your team’s next program, check out the Keystone Manual. 

Keystone's Four Phases


At the end of the process, design teams should have:

  • A Project Summary describing the program and rationale for selecting particular interventions and marketing strategies to address the health need
  • An Implementation Plan that teams can follow to carry out the intervention and apply the marketing strategies
  • A Theory of Change, identifying how the intervention and marketing strategies will lead to consumers adopting healthy behaviors and meeting their needs
  • Additional Supporting Documentation, as required


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