Keystone Design Framework: Phase 3

user-centered interventions

At this point in your strategy, you should know exactly which problems you are set to solve, and you have an overall vision for solving them.  You should have selected interventions, defined the specific deliverables required within a set timeframe and identified which stakeholders are best placed to act against key opportunities and constraints.

The next phase is Design, where we will develop a detailed plan for interventions led by your organization , including a deliberate plan to learn from the implementation experience.

1. Conduct discovery of best practices. Review best-practice models and technical resources (from your organization and others) to determine if adaptation is sufficient, or a new approach must be built from scratch.

PSI has compiled a number of ‘Intervention Playbooks’ to help guide your team through developing a solution. The playbooks bring together best practice guidance and tools based on PSI’s collective experience and third-party sources. The playbooks also offer guidance to help determine which models and practices may be appropriate for your specific program.  If you’d like access to our Playbooks, please contact us using this form. 

2. Conduct target audience deep dive. Build empathy and deep insight into the target audience (consumers, providers or other actors) and bring them to life as a real person through archetypes.

3. Design your intervention program(s). Synthesize audience insights and discovery outputs for best-practice ideas. Apply Ideation and Rapid Prototyping techniques to: co-create ideas with your target audience, build prototypes to test your concepts in real time, in a cost-efficient manner; and iterate and “fail fast” to learn more about your solution’s viability. Build out how the intervention comes to life alongside your target audience, be it a behavior change program, new product launch or rebrand, communication campaign, service delivery, or enterprise opportunities.

To learn more about a specific activity in the Design phase, check out the Activity Guides below. Please note that these activity guides are intended to be used and completed as you go through the Keystone design process. Always start a new Keystone project with the Keystone Manual.

Activity Guides

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