What if women were the change agents of their own sexual and reproductive health? What if health systems supported them? 

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interventions in Nigeria and Uganda

Driven by deep consumer insights, DISC supports women to take more control over their sexual and reproductive health. By doing so, women become active participants in their health systems and critical new partners for health providers.

In Nigeria and Uganda, we work in close partnership with women and their providers, increasing informed demand as well as local innovation and capacity for self-care as a cornerstone of sexual and reproductive health care, starting with self-injectable contraceptives. Learn More.



Amid a global pandemic, people around the world have learned

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A Companion to Digital Sexual and Reproductive Health

Meet Tina: she’s the friend that every woman needs—she is

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Overcoming Client Fear to Self-Inject: Consumer Insights Light a Path toward DMPA-SC Scale-Up

Self-care presents an opportunity to strengthen overstretched health systems by

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Woman looking at the camera while leaning against the wall

Self-care and behavior: Women share 7 factors that influence their decisions about self-injection of DMPA-SC

Much of the past research on self-injection of the contraceptive

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Launch. Optimize. Repeat: Using Real-Time Digital Data to Increase Campaign Performance

While upfront investments in demand generation are necessary in any new product introduction, a static

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Partnering with Women from the Start: DISC’s Efforts to Understand Power in the Context of Self-Care

From the outset, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) consolidated guidance

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Dive into these resources to learn more about self-care for sexual and reproductive health and rights

ExpandNet/WHO Scaling-up Tools and Resources

Visit Resource Library ExpandNet, in collaboration with WHO, has produced several guidance documents based on literature reviews and the extensive experience of its members. These

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Youth Power2 Resources

Visit Resource Library YouthPowerChanging the world by unlocking the power of young people Resource Types:GUIDES AND TOOLKITS Languages:ENGLISH Population Served:GENERAL POPULATION Practice Areas:SEXUAL & REPRODUCTIVE

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Interagency Gender Working Group Resources

Visit Resource Directory IGWG’s training materials can be used to introduce a broad range of audiences and backgrounds to important concepts related to gender and

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Advocacy Pack for Subcutaneous DMPA

Download Resource This pack contains the latest evidence and messaging on DMPA-SC and SI. The Advocacy Pack for Subcutaneous DMPA is designed to accelerate your advocacy

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