Evidence & Research

The SCTG works to coordinate and broker knowledge generated and accumulated across partners and initiatives in pursuit of the SCTG’s overall objectives.

Through its Evidence and Learning Working Group, the SCTG seeks to leverage and elevate the evidence and knowledge-generating activities of partners and stakeholders as well as to understand the self-care evidence needs and priorities of countries. We aim to produce evidence and learning resources that are global goods and resources that reflect and/or can be used or adapted within a country context to support an evidence-based self-care movement.

The Evidence & Learning Working Group

The SCTG’s Evidence and Learning Working Group (ELWG) contributes to, develops, and promotes evidence to fill gaps in information identified and prioritized by implementers, advocates, and policymakers to accelerate, scale-up, and sustain the policy and practice of self-care within health systems at national and subnational levels. ELWG seeks to advance the evidence base for self-care as an avenue to achieve universal health coverage (UHC)​, and is best suited to implementers, researchers, and national policy makers.

Find our Charter here. To join the ELWG, fill out the SCTG membership form and indicate your interest in ELWG!

ELWG meets on a quarterly basis. Mark your calendars for an exciting series of events!

  • January 20, 2022:  ELWG Work Plan + Launch Evidence Mapping and Prioritization Workstream 
  • April 28, 2022: Stay tuned for more details!
  • July 28, 2022: Stay tuned for more details!
  • October 27, 2022: Stay tuned for more details!


View the ELWG workstreams here.


Want to join the ELWG? Participation in working groups is limited to SCTG members. Learn more about becoming a member here

For inquiries, please reach out to the SCTG Secretariat at [email protected] or to the working group co-chairs. 

ELWG Leadership Team CONTACTs

Dr. Sarah Onyango
Senior Technical Advisor, Self-care
Population Services International
[email protected]

Andrea Cutherell 
Population Services International
[email protected] 

Gilda Sedgh
Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
[email protected]

Claire Rothschild
Senior Research Advisor, SRH Strategic Evidence and Learning
Population Services International
[email protected]

Saumya RamaRao
Senior Associate
Population Council
[email protected]

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