Evidence and Learning

The SCTG works to coordinate and broker knowledge generated and accumulated across partners and initiatives in pursuit of the SCTG’s overall objectives.

Through its Evidence and Learning Working Group, the SCTG seeks to leverage and elevate the evidence and knowledge-generating activities of partners and stakeholders as well as to understand the self-care evidence needs and priorities of countries. We aim to produce evidence and learning resources that are global goods and resources that reflect and/or can be used or adapted within a country context to support an evidence-based self-care movement.

The Evidence and Learning Working Group

The SCTG’s Evidence and Learning Working Group (ELWG) works to build the evidence based around self-care interventions while educating others on self-care practices. This group will work to support the WHO’s consolidated guidance on self-care for sexual and reproductive health and to address gaps in evidence outlined in their guidance.

The ELWG will help establish a practice for developing, sharing and applying concrete solutions for self-care through:

  • A meeting/webinar  held every approximately 6-8 weeks to reflect on work to date, plan new work, and cross pollinate learnings and evidence. All notes and outputs of these meetings will be stored on the microsite.
  • Annual meeting. At convenient forums, such as happened with Women Deliver and ICPD+25 in 2019, the ELWG should have a meeting once per year, with as many members as possible that are available in person.
  • Ad hoc partnerships will be established to support the specific pieces of work commissioned by the work of the ELWG each year.
  • Technical webinar series as needed exploring topics identified and prioritized in the self-care learning agenda. Members will be expected to co-facilitate/lead relevant webinars.

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