General Membership

Self-Care Trailblazers

The SCTG operates as a coalition with individual and organizational members, Secretariat, Steering Committee, Member Working Groups, and a newly established Learning Lab and National Self-Care Networks.

The SCTG is comprised of a diverse set of institutional and individual members working to advance the practice of self-care to improve health around the globe. Members include representatives of multilateral and bilateral organizations, private foundations, governments, civil society, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, advocacy groups, research and academic institutions, and the private sector.

SCTG members contribute to and benefit from the SCTG in a variety of ways, including:

Learning and sharing

Members can share their experiences and lessons learned with each other and hear from other self-care experts and stakeholders through a range of mechanisms, including:

  • The SCTG Learning Lab hosts webinars, meetings, and events for members on how to advance self-care practice and policy effectively.
  • Members can use a members-only online community to connect with others working in their region or their topics of focus.
  • The SCTG information portal will allow members to access research, guidance, frameworks, templates, and tools to advance self-care
  • Monthly SCTG e-newsletters provide the latest updates and information on self-care, including spotlights on SCTG members

Setting the self-care agenda

Members are invited to participate in SCTG working groups to help to inform and drive the self-care agenda globally and locally. Working groups and committees include:
  • The Evidence and Learning Working Group contributes, develops, and promotes evidence to fill gaps in information identified and prioritized by implementers, advocates, and policymakers to accelerate the policy and practice of self-care.
  • The Country Advocacy Working Group promotes the sharing of advocacy and accountability practices and lessons learned to advance self-care at national and subnational levels.
  • The Global Advocacy and Communications Working Group (formerly the Advocacy Working Group) leads coordinated advocacy, outreach, and communications efforts to support joint advocacy for the introduction and scale-up of self-care interventions at global and regional levels.

Members will also have an opportunity to inform the State of Self-Care Report that will be published annually by the SCTG and network with other members when it is launched at the new annual SCTG Member Summit.

If you are interested in becoming an SCTG member, please contact the SCTG Secretariat at [email protected]