Country Engagement

The Self-Care Trailblazer Group supports the emergence of National Self-Care Networks (NSN), working to advance self-care in their respective countries.

SCTG National Self-Care Networks contributes to building a coordinated, diverse, and influential self-care movement that is mobilized around common goals and messaging to advance self-care at the national and subnational levels. NSNs pursue specific policy and advocacy priorities and, in collaboration with the global SCTG, develop learning mechanisms around the extent to which national self-care guidelines promote scale-up of quality, affordable self-care for those in need.  NSNs prioritize community sensitization on self-care and social accountability mechanisms to ensure that top-down policy and guidelines changes take root at the individual and community level. NSNs also engage grassroots networks and communities in mobilizing demand and social accountability for self-care policies and programs in these countries.

The SCTG’s current National Self-Care Networks are leading the charge on building the self-care advocacy movement in the following countries:

  • Kenya
  • Nigeria: White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria
  • Senegal: PATH Senegal
  • Uganda: Center for Health, Human Rights and Development