Highlights from the SCTG Second Annual Member Summit

The Self-Care Trailblazer Group (SCTG) hosted our Second Annual Member Summit on Thursday 7th April 2022. More than 140 participants from 31 countries⁠—representing every World Health Organization region⁠—were in attendance. Thank you to all who joined. If you were not able to attend, that’s okay. You can watch the Summit here. And you can access the slides here.

This was an opportunity for Self-Care Trailblazers to come together and look back on their experiences, lessons learned, and achievements in 2021– and forward to 2022 and beyond. Here are a few highlights:

  1. SCTG members submitted video testimonials of their self-care wins over the last year. The Federal Ministry of Health of Nigeria also shared a sizzle reel highlighting their self-care successes. Check out these videos to learn about SCTG members’ accomplishments.

  2. Our keynote speaker, Christiana Asala of the White Ribbon Alliance shared Nigeria’s journey in advancing self-care guidelines. A key takeaway from her speech was the need to partner with healthcare workers to build their awareness and capacity to help promote self-care with their patients and clients and to have providers champion self-care policies.

  3. The conversation on the role of healthcare workers in self-care carried onto our provocative plenary. We heard from a midwife, psychologist, and medical student on their experiences in advancing self-care. They spoke about the need to demystify self-care for patients, clients, and providers. This can start by providing healthcare workers with training about self-care products, services, and approaches that they can share with their patients and clients, and advocate for its inclusion in health systems.

  4. After hearing from representatives of the SCTG National Self-Care Networks in Nigeria, Senegal, and Uganda about how they advanced self-care in their respective countries, we invited Summit participants to share how they can integrate these lessons learned into their country advocacy plans. Here’s what we heard: advancing self-care policies starts with assessing the current state of self-care, laws, and regulatory policies. It is critical to prepare for the opposition and to know how to address their concerns. Building a multistakeholder partnership⁠—including healthcare workers⁠—is essential to success.

  5. We also heard from our three working groups, the Evidence and Learning Working Group (ELWG), Global Advocacy & Communications (GAC) Working Group, and the Country Advocacy Working Group (CAWG). The strength of the coalition is in our members and their contribution to these working groups. Learn more about  SCTG membership and if you are not already a member—or participating in a working group – we encourage you to sign up and get involved!

We want to make sure that we are gathering participants’ feedback to shape next year’s Summit and inform other SCTG events and activities. If you attended the Summit, please fill out this short (less than 5 minute) survey.

If you have any questions, would like to collaborate on a self-care event or activity⁠—including organizing next year’s Summit, or want to learn more about our working groups please reach out to the SCTG Secretariat at [email protected].


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