The SCTG is launching tools aimed to equip self-care champions with the resources they need to effectively advocate for the inclusion of self-care in health systems and universal health coverage (UHC). 

The toolkit includes resources that provide messages to use with priority audiences, answer frequently asked questions, define common self-care terms, provide a template for a policy brief, illustrate the relationship between self-care and UHC, and explain the vision and purpose of the SCTG. The tools have been created in partnership with SCTG members from around the world to ensure the tools meet the needs of advocates and self-care champions.

Explore the toolkit below, and stay tuned for the launch of French and Spanish versions in February 2022.

Have you already used these tools? We’d love to hear your feedback! Fill out this survey to help us understand how partners are using the Self-Care for UHC Advocacy Toolkit. Your responses will ensure we are producing resources that are clear, useful, and relevant to self-care advocates.


This messaging platform provides tailored messages for national and sub-national decision makers, global influencers, healthcare providers, community and grassroots leaders, youth, women’s groups and feminist organizations, private sector, and philanthropic donors. 

Infographic on Self-Care and UHC

This graphic shows the relationship between advancing self-care and strengthening health systems for all. It makes the connection between self-care and UHC, how self-care can help address many of the world’s health challenges, and shares opportunities to advance self-care.

FAQ about Self-Care

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides answers to the most common questions people have about self-care and the self-care movement. The answers come directly from SCTG members and aim to dispel myths and confusion about self-care and the work we are advancing.

Common self-care terms

Common Self-Care Terms have been developed to ensure self-care champions have a common set of terms and a shared language when talking about self-care. The definitions focus on how people practice self-care and are aligned with the World Health Organization’s Consolidated Guidelines on Self-Care.


This template provides country-level advocates with a policy brief template on Scaling Up Self-Care in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The template contains information on self-care and the impact it can have on health systems. Advocates can tailor the brief to each country’s specific needs, context, and target audience.

About the self-care trailblazer group

This brochure defines self-care and explains why the need for self-care is so great, and the transformative power of self-care. This tool also shares information about the SCTG, what we are doing to address challenges self-care face, and how people can get involved. This tool is aimed at anyone looking to engage in the self-care movement.

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While we all practice self-care in our own lives, it can be challenging to talk about and advocate for self-care in the health system. But, we’ve got you covered! We created tools to help you advocate for self-care and universal health coverage: @Selfcare4UHC #UHC


Each and every one of us practices self-care in our own lives. Even so, it still can be challenging to talk about and advocate for self-care in the health system. But don’t worry, the Self-Care Trailblazer Group (@selfCare4UHC) has you covered. We created advocacy tools that help define what self-care is, answer common questions about self-care, provide tips on how to talk about self-care, illustrate the relationship between self-care and universal health coverage, and so much more. Check it out: #SelfCare4UHC #selfcare #UHC