Self-Care Learning and Discovery Series

24 June 2021 to 27 August 2021

Beginning 24 June and coinciding with the start of International Self-Care Month, the Self-Care Learning and Discovery Series is a highly interactive virtual forum to exchange and incubate ideas, experiences and solutions on a variety of self-care topics. It is open to a wide variety of self-care stakeholders, including advocates, health providers, government representatives, implementers, journalists, community leaders, academia, product developers, feminists, youth champions and all others. 

White Ribbon Alliance (WRA), on behalf of the Self-Care Trailblazer Group (SCTG), is calling for expressions of interest among SCTG members to organize thematic sessions at the inaugural Self-Care Learning and Discovery Series from 24 June 2021 to 27 August 2021. Please complete the session organizer interest form by 25 April 2021 to express your interest.

Read on for additional details about the Self-Care Learning and Discovery Series and the opportunity to organize sessions. Want to organize a session, but not a current SCTG member? No problem, it’s easy to join, sign-up here.

Session Details

The Self-Care Learning and Discovery Series will consist of up to 12 virtual sessions. Each session will be organized by a different subset of SCTG members and partners. Sessions will explore a different “hot topic” and associated learning question.

Submit an expression of interest for one of the hot topics! WRA and/or the SCTG Secretariat will notify if you have been selected the week of 03 May 2021. We will match qualified organizations together, so that each session will have between two to four organizing partners.

Potential hot topic sessions reflect suggestions from SCTG members and other key self-care stakeholders:

Suggested Topics

Illustrative Learning Question to Guide Session Development

Adapting WHO self-care guidelines for individual country contexts

What are the experiences and lessons learned from front-runner countries?

Beyond health: Self-care and other sectors

What does self-care mean for other sectors and spheres, including education, economics, politics?  

Community perceptions of self-care

How is self-care defined and approached by different populations and communities, including young people, differently abled persons and LGBTQIA+?

Self-care as a tool of liberation

How has self-care historically contributed to and continues to contribute to movements to advance racial and gender equality?

Everyday self-care: Health decision-making, knowledge, and practices

How can self-care reinvigorate health literacy and social and behavior change communication efforts?

Self-care and the provider-patient relationship

What are key provider competencies for self-care?

Self-care and the digital revolution

What are key approaches and principles for designing, implementing and evaluating digital self-care initiatives?

Self-care’s return on investment

What is the business case for self-care?

Self-care and realizing UHC

What are approaches for integrating self-care as a component of the formal health care system?

Expanding access to self-care products

How to overcome shared barriers for introducing and scaling self-care innovations?

Transforming self-care opposition into support

What are key messages and strategies for convincing the self-care skeptics?

Self-care and the legal environment

How to manage and mitigate issues of self-care liability?

Respectful care and self-care

How does respectful care contribute to both provider and patient self-care? 

Self-care and mental health

How does self-care affect mental health?

Self-care pioneers and trailblazers

How to identify and cultivate self-care champions?

M&E and self-care

How do you measure self-care?

Self-care in humanitarian crises

What does self-care implementation look like in humanitarian settings?

Other topic that isn’t listed

Share your ideas!

  • SCTG Member*
  • Experience and familiarity with chosen session topic
  • Ability to bring new voices to the table
  • Ability to organize a diverse and engaging session

*Not a member of the Self-Care Trailblazer Group and interested in organizing a session? First, register to become an SCTG member here. Then, proceed with submitting your expression of interest.

Questions? Reach out to Kristy Kade ( or Amanda Livingstone ( for more details!