On 18 February 2021, more than 180 participants across 39 countries and from 75 different organizations tuned in to our inaugural Annual Member Summit to hear about upcoming opportunities and exciting changes happening within the SCTG.

Check out some highlights below from our “Why Self-Care? Why Now?” panel of experts who shared their perspectives on the role of self-care and its potential to increase the autonomy, choice and power, particularly of women and girls.

Dr. Sarah Onyango reminded us that self-care is not new, nor is it in competition with the health system and providers, but it is critical in achieving UHC.

Precious Mutoru of PSI Uganda knows that self-care provides huge opportunities to respond to young people’s evolving health needs in the manner that they want!

Twebese Mugisha of the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation speaks on the importance of investing in self-care. 

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  • Researchers, advocates, and implementers working in self-care in the Global South 
  • Representatives from youth organizations, health care provider associations, feminist movements, different health interest groups, and the private sector 

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