Since the inception of the SCTG, self-care champions have shared that one of the greatest challenges facing advocates is that too few people understand what self-care is and the valuable role it plays within universal health coverage (UHC). The Self-Care for UHC Advocacy Toolkit was created as a solution to this challenge.  The aim of this Toolkit is to equip self-care champions with the resources to effectively advocate for the inclusion of self-care in health systems and within UHC. 

Advocates, health workers, resource mobilizers, communications professionals, and others can use these six  tools to share the importance of self-care with  donors, policymakers, global influencers, and other key stakeholders who have the power to influence UHC  policies,  programming, funding, and support for self-care. The Toolkit was developed by the Global Advocacy & Communications Working Group with input from SCTG members from around the world. It can be adapted to be used in different countries and used in global advocacy. The Toolkit is available in English, French, and Spanish.  

Have you already used these tools? We want to hear your feedback! Fill out this survey to help us understand how partners are using the Self-Care for UHC Advocacy Toolkit. Your responses will ensure we are producing resources that are clear, useful, and relevant to self-care advocates.