Our Governance

The SCTG governance structure aims to ensure effective coordination and to bring mutual value to partners without adding unnecessary complexity or bureaucratic burden. Representation and inclusivity are essential for legitimacy, with broad multi-stakeholder engagement in activities and decision-making processes.

The main governance structures of the SCTG are:

Population Services International (PSI) houses the staff that makes up the SCTG Secretariat. The Secretariat supports the coalition- building functions for the SCTG, including operations, administration, communications, outreach, and global advocacy. The Secretariat also oversees deliverables for the SCTG’s programmatic elements and reporting to donors. The Secretariat’s coalition-building remit is guided by the Steering Committee. The Secretariat will present a summary of its progress toward achieving SCTG’s strategic outcomes to the Steering Committee for review and recommendations twice yearly.

Contact the SCTG Secretariat at [email protected]

The SCTG Coalition Steering Committee advises the Secretariat and provides oversight of SCTG coalition-building functions, ensuring a strong value proposition for members that is supportive of the SCTG’s strategic priorities. Learn more below.

Ensure that the SCTG provides a strong member value proposition for target constituencies:

  • Actively engage in the promotion and recruitment of new members.
  • Provide evaluation and oversight of SCTG coalition-building functions, including the Secretariat, Working Groups, and Learning Lab.
  • Review, reassess, and revise the SCTG strategy, priorities, and approach based on monitoring and evaluation data and inputs from the SCTG membership.

In addition to increasing its geographic and sectoral diversity, as noted above, the Steering Committee will institute mechanisms to minimize conflict of interest to ensure greater impartiality in its decision- making and oversight functions. The process of selecting Steering Committee members will also be more transparent and inclusive, beginning with a call to the full membership for nominations and a selection process led by a nominating committee representative of the target committee makeup and guided by a set of agreed-upon criteria.

Download the charter here.

Meet our Coalition Steering Committee members here.

About Us

What We Do

General Membership

The SCTG comprises a voluntary network representing organizations or individuals with expertise relevant to achieving SCTG goals. The SCTG draws from a broad range of relevant disciplines with various areas of complementary expertise. They include representatives of multilateral and bilateral organizations, private foundations, governments, civil society, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations and the private sector. Efforts will be made to ensure adequate balance across constituencies, domains, stakeholder representation, links with other relevant initiatives, geographic representation and localized leadership. No financial remuneration is allocated to SCTG members.

The responsibilities of all members are to support, in a harmonized manner, the implementation and monitoring of the SCTG objectives.

Members are expected to:

  • Serve as vocal champions of the collective SCTG effort;
  • Actively contribute their expertise to the SCTG work, in accordance with its overall strategy;
  • Consider how their individual organizations or those in their network can align with SCTG activities and support collaboration and alignment efforts (i.e., inclusion in strategic priorities, funding and programming);
  • Support in the amplification of communications campaigns (i.e., contribute to digital and social media engagement, disseminate and showcase relevant reports, findings, tools and data, etc.).