The Coalition Steering Committee (CSC) advises the Secretariat and provides oversight of SCTG coalition functions, ensuring a strong value proposition for members that is supportive of the SCTG’s strategic priorities It will consist of a geographically and sectorally diverse group of SCTG members that are selected through a transparent member nomination process.

The Terms of Reference define the roles and responsibilities of the CSC


The SCTG’s coalition function is responsible for building a coordinated, diverse, and influential self-care movement that is mobilized around common evidence, goals, and messaging to advance self-care. It also aims to build awareness and support for quality, evidence-based self-care increases among self-care influencers, policymakers, and potential opposition.

The coalition functions include individual and organizational members, a Coalition Steering Committee, member working groups, and the SCTG Learning Lab


The SCTG’s programmatic function aims to ensure self-care policies and financing are instituted at national and subnational levels and demand and that accountability for self-care increase among target communities and constituencies. The programmatic function is carried out by National Self-Care Networks in priority countries and is guided by the Program Advisory Committee.

The SCTG Executive Committee advises on the SCTG’s overarching structure, functions, and


SCTG structure_


The SCTG’s work is guided by a Strategic Plan that outlines its vision, goals, and objectives for 2015–2025. The Strategic Plan provides a detailed blueprint for taking action, tracking progress, and clarifying SCTG roles and responsibilities.

General Membership

The SCTG comprises a voluntary network representing organizations or individuals with expertise relevant to achieving SCTG goals. The SCTG draws from a broad range of relevant disciplines with various areas of complementary expertise. They include representatives of multilateral and bilateral organizations, private foundations, governments, civil society, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations and the private sector. Efforts will be made to ensure adequate balance across constituencies, domains, stakeholder representation, links with other relevant initiatives, geographic representation and localized leadership. No financial remuneration is allocated to SCTG members.

The responsibilities of all members are to support, in a harmonized manner, the implementation and monitoring of the SCTG objectives.

Members are expected to:

  • Serve as vocal champions of the collective SCTG effort;
  • Actively contribute their expertise to the SCTG work, in accordance with its overall strategy;
  • Consider how their individual organizations or those in their network can align with SCTG activities and support collaboration and alignment efforts (i.e., inclusion in strategic priorities, funding and programming);
  • Support in the amplification of communications campaigns (i.e., contribute to digital and social media engagement, disseminate and showcase relevant reports, findings, tools and data, etc.).