Develop Intervention Audience Archetypes


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This activity guide assumes that you have identified a target consumer/audience for your intervention and want to create an “archetype” to build out a picture of who they are as a real person. You will want to review data collected during Empathy Mapping, Journey Mapping and
Target Consumer Segmentation activities of the Diagnose phase.

An archetype is a profile of a fictional person intended to represent a “typical” member of a target population. Creating archetypes can help you understand your target population as real people and gain insights into their behavior, motivators and barriers, attitudes, perceptions and decision-making process that would not be obvious from demographic data alone. Archetypes make a target population or population segment more relatable, which makes it easier to develop effective interventions tailored to their specific needs and preferences.


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02 Breaking Taboos

03 Moving Care Closer to Consumers

04 Innovating on Investments

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