Living our Values: Expanding Abortion Support

Legal access to safe abortion hangs in the balance in the United States, with 26 states set to ban or severely restrict abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court in the coming weeks. Population Services International (PSI) is actively exploring ways that we can defend reproductive rights and justice in the U.S., just as we do in many places around the world.

A starting point for that action will be expanding the abortion support that we provide to PSI’s U.S. based Global Office employees. In the coming months, PSI will be launching a new benefits program that will provide reimbursement to employees and their dependents for abortion-related travel expenses if this service is not available in the state where they work and reside.

We are committed to equity for our employees and helping to ensure that they and their dependents can access abortion services wherever in the United States they may live.

We support choice. We support our employees and their dependents in their decision to not remain pregnant, and we also support those that do. Our family leave programs, compressed work schedules, flexible hours, and work from almost anywhere policy are all designed to support the decisions our employees want to make and the life they want to live.


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