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A successful social business is an entity that balances the tension between upholding the social mission of the organization and maximizing productivity to ensure its long-term sustainability. PSI uses a social business approach as a catalyst for increasing access, choice, and quality of health products and services by applying commercial principles and using ethical business practices while maintaining a reputation for quality.

“At PSI we are all social entrepreneurs – as we are constantly looking for better, faster, and cheaper ways to deliver value for our consumers."

— Marcie Cook, Vice President & Director, Social business

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Spotlight: disrupting Women's Health
starting with #theVWord

From South Africa to El Salvador, the journey to sexual wellness is confusing, unreliable and stigmatized. Health consumers need an alternative that is trustworthy, discreet and fun, which is exactly what VIYA – PSI’s first-ever sexual wellness lifestyle brand – aims to deliver. Here’s how:

The SBU conducted human centered design work with groups of young women in East Africa in 2019 to explore ways that our work could support them and accompany them as they navigate the various choices required for a healthy, enjoyable sexual and reproductive life. Listening to consumers, and harnessing their insights, we came up with the idea of VIYA. 

Our vision with VIYA is to harness the power of technology to change the way we deliver women’s healthcare. We want to provide consumers with the tools that will support them in making the best choice for their body to lead happier, healthier lives in a way that is convenient, discreet and fun.

VIYA is a lifestyle brand that equips women with the tools and support needed to make the right choices for their bodies, health & future.

VIYA provides a space for women who want on the go, easy access to quality health information, products and services, tailored to their needs. The digital space delivers vetted information through quality content and one-on-one support via virtual assistants and online counselors, signposting to quality products and healthcare services. Here’s how:


VIYA delivers high quality, sexual wellness content at the tip of your fingers. From periods to pleasure, you’ll find the information you need- in a fun, easy to understand way. No medical jargon here. Just trustworthy information, backed by research,  that you can relate to, so that you can make informed decisions about your body. Our supportive community provides a safe space for you to share your experiences and our team of counselors  is on standby to answer all your questions about sexual health.

2. PRODUCTS (coming soon)

When it comes to choosing quality sexual health products, whether its lube, condoms or contraception, VIYA offers a variety of sexual wellness products suited to your own unique needs. We work with trusted vendors and partners so that you can have a happy, healthy sex life.

3. SERVICES (coming soon)

Need to find a healthcare provider near you? Whether in person or online, VIYA can refer you to one of our vetted partner healthcare providers and pharmacies,  so that you can get the quality of care that you need- on your terms.


Women’s health and wellness is a topic that is deeply personal, delicate, and often taboo, It is often talked about from the lens of prevention and disease, instead of focusing on health and wellness. The only way to normalize it, is to speak freely. And it all starts with a word.

The V word: vulva (there, we said it). 

It’s time to normalize conversations about women’s health and flip the current script from prevention to pleasure. The VWord movement is aimed at disrupting the discourse around women’s health,  generating a cross sectoral movement that embraces sexual wellness at a holistic level and supports women to own their health choices.

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