No Glove, No Love

Does durian flavour tickle your fancy? Or would you like to try a missile-shaped “power shot” condom or one that is “baggy” at the tip for that extra spark? Perhaps a “delay condom” for prolonged sesh with your boo? All else failing, are you in the mood for something that glows in the dark? Malaysia’s “King of Condoms”, the man helming the world’s largest condom maker Karex Bhd, says he’s got just the package for you to rip and roll.

“There’s nothing really that we can’t do,”┬ásays the chief executive of Malaysian-listed Karex, Goh Miah Kiat, who is better known as “MK”. He says this while holding a phallic-shaped glass mould in his hands and balancing another kind of mould between his thighs. The former is dipped into latex to make “pleasure dome” condoms with larger “headroom” for better comfort and pleasure.