NPR: Global Reproductive and Women’s Rights Groups React to Overturn of Roe v. Wade

This piece originally ran on NPR in June of 2022.

“The effects of restricting or banning abortions in many U.S. states are dire – but as the Global South’s experience underscores: all hope is not lost” said Dr. Milly Nanyombi Kaggwa, Senior Clinical Advisor, PSI Africa.

“Abortion in sub-Saharan Africa, like in the U.S., isn’t illegal everywhere. Globally, abortion is only prohibited in 5% of countries. While that is unacceptable for the estimated 90 million women of reproductive age who live in those countries, this also means that in 95% of countries, abortion is legal for some circumstances. It’s critical that people – health consumers and providers alike – understand what their rights and options are.”

Read the full article on NPR.


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