Trust Condoms Spark Trust – And Conversation – Through the Good Man Campaign

In South Africa, Trust Condoms take the concept of “trust” and apply it to men’s identities and men’s value – to, yes, sell condoms but also challenge social narratives and promote vulnerable and honest discussions about the issues men face. By collecting consumer insights – that is, listening to men’s needs and understanding the societal behaviors that motivate how they use (or don’t use) condoms – Trust offers a consumer-powered healthcare option, a condom that reaches men with the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

On 18 February, PSI Product Manager of Trust Condoms Ndinatsei Mumbengegwi was invited to South Africa’s most watched News Channel eNCA to discuss Trust Condom’s Good Man initiative – involving the release of 1,500 biodegradable balloons on Valentines Day to symbolize love in the air and invite men to attend the “Good Man’s Trust Conference” taking place virtually on 28 February. The 10-minute interview discusses Trust’s approach to men’s role in society and perception of themselves, and the importance of this conversation in light of the high rates of gender-based violence in South Africa. To celebrate qualities like trust and intimacy, and to reform destructive behavior and narratives, Trust Condoms is upholding the concept of being a good man in creative ways.

Trust Condoms began the Good Man campaign #goodenoughtotrust in 2022 and since has taken social media by storm. Follow their unique, behavior-based activities on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and view the informative news interview below to learn more.


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