What Will Happen to Women’s Healthcare if Abortions Are Banned?

This article was originally published on Relias Media.

January 13, 2022 — When most people no longer can seek safe abortion care in their home regions and states, there will be an increase in maternal deaths and injuries, both from unsafe abortions and from unsafe pregnancies that should have been ended because they risked the woman’s health, several reproductive health advocates and researchers say.

“It’s clear in countries where abortion is illegal or criminalized that women suffer more complications of pregnancy and higher mortality rates from unsafe abortions,” says Mimi Zieman, MD, author of Managing Contraception and president of SageMed LLC in Atlanta. “In this country, the most unfortunate and unjust consequence of restricting abortion is that women of lower income and women of color will suffer more than women who have the means to travel to other states and countries to get care.”

Abortions will continue in a post-Roe America, but women’s safety will be jeopardized, says Eva Lathrop, MD, MPH, global medical director of Population Services International (PSI).

“It’s crucial to provide safe abortion services,” Lathrop says. 

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